Is It Mandatory For All Blog Titles To Be Typed Like This?

Are enticing clickbait pictures necessary?

Why are blogs full of rhetorical questions?

Here are just a few of my initial concerns upon entering the dense world of online blogs. Now, I am aware that such views are not novel, seeing as the advent of blogging has been blossoming for over a decade now. But for any humble budding blogger like myself, these are worthwhile considerations. Blogs adopt similar forms for good reason – clickbait lures readers in, often at the expense of relevant content.

In my eyes I say fair play. Unless we are motivated by entirely altruistic intentions (I think a few of those people exist) we want to improve, grow and gain attention. This helps to explain why you clicked on that ’22 ways Brexit may affect your love life’ article, or the ‘Why Robert Mugabe should be named GQ’s Man of the Year’ piece, or even the ‘You didn’t know that THESE Game of Thrones Characters used to be Gardeners’ link.

Essentially, blogs are intended to be read by as vast an audience as possible. This idea of appealing to a target audience is something I will grapple with in the coming weeks, but the first key to disentangling the blogger protocols is a self-awareness of the very clichés that successful blogs use.

Anyway, I am Nathan Wilgoss a 21 year old graduate from Surrey. The purpose of this particular blog is to act as an outlet for my take on an array of topics. I’m interested in politics, more specifically the fallout from Brexit, the US presidential race, surveillance, and international relations. Whilst I must profess that I may not a provide the incisiveness of an investigatory journalist, I hope to offer my take on events, and help younger people comprehend the political landscape in what is a watershed moment.

I see this blog widening its scope with time, extending towards my two other primary interests – gym and football. Further, I will look to use this blog as a platform to talk about personal development, mindset, and perhaps chuck  in some book reviews. As for now, the aim is to create engaging, researched, and value-adding content on a regular basis. In many instances it will involve me putting my neck on the line, but fuck it.