In the past, I used to cling on to the hope that this book was in fact, a true story. Now, it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day its about your imagination, and never before has a book provided such a rich depiction of events.

Gregory David Roberts has written what I believe to be the most gripping book I’ve come across. Often when a mate recommends you a book you take it with a pinch of salt. I took a leap of faith and I was immediately repaid last summer.

It is a fast paced tale of an ex heroin addict’s escape from prison, cutting ties from his previous life, when he emigrates to India. The story follows the most tumultuous of journeys as the ‘author’ spends time with forgotten tribes, takes it upon himself to work as a doctor within in a ravaged slum, and meets the mysterious Karla.

The story progresses through many adverse conditions as the newly reformed ‘Lin’ is lured back into a murky underworld of crime, eventually landing himself back in an Indian jail. Heavy emphasis is placed on the minute details of every character he comes across – painting every contour and colour he sees, this is why you are engrossed from page 1.

Set in the 1980’s, as the Cold War was coming to an end, Lin even finds himself involved in fighting with the infamous Afghanistani ‘Mujahadeen’.

Read this book in the summer. Travelling, adventure, war, poverty, relationships, culture, smells, sights, and a gripping plot this book actually as it all. Don’t search to see whether or not the events within the book actually happened. Don’t let a google search hamper your imagination.

Rumours have long been circulating that Jonny Depp has bought the rights to the film, so g e t // i n v o l v e d before the big screen entices you before you can paint your own vivid pictures – its always better.
One thing I’ve learnt is always be open minded, when a friend recommends you a book, it means a lot more than reading a review online. Ironic that…

This is a book I would put on my essential reading list – you’ve got to do it!



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