On the back of Monday’s hill sprints and another session yesterday, I went out to see how or even if, interval training assisted my 10k.

The weather at 7:30am was ideal – it was enough for me to just grab my iPhone and get outside. I am fortunate enough to live on the world famous Epsom Downs Racecourse, so I had plenty of good visuals.

I definitely took this

I added a new means of audible distraction during the run today.  As advised by Jane Runs Wild I was armed with a Rich Roll Podcast which I deeply recommend myself. I have always been used to running with music, but I thought why not give the podcast ago.

What I can say is that it allows you to focus in on the informative conversations on a level which drowns out your minds inclination to analyse the monotony of your strides. As much as I can’t get enough of running to tech house, the thing with music is I can’t focus AS deeply on whats going on – it doesn’t provoke that much thought for me.

But the podcast advocates an active, healthy, vegan lifestyle. An endurance runner himself, he interviews activists and pioneers with exciting ideas, part of new movements. It is interesting to hear people speak about what they are passionate about.

With images of the ‘Fittest on Earth’ Netflix Documentary about the 2015 CrossFit games still fresh in my mind, I took to the road. Couldn’t help but think that those athletes are on another level. Not really familiar with the concept of CrossFit but it has definitely opened my eyes to its functionality.

I took the 10k at a conservative pace. Actually, I did not even have a clue I would be running 10k. I picked a route, and ran, without even estimating the distance. Plenty of smiles nods and hello’s later I completed the route in 43 minutes 9.9k in total.

It was far from a flat route, which I prefer, so that may not be the best reflection of my true 10k pace. But did the hill sprints help?

  • HERE’S A SHOCK – up the hills IT DID. Felt my leg speed uphill was a lot better than usual. Although they were sore from sprints, my legs didn’t feel as heavy and I was able to drive the knees up
  • BUT – my cardio, and aerobic fitness wasn’t affected. As expected given sprints/10k are two sides of the same coin.
  • PROBABLY – too early to tell if 2 sessions aided my pace. But for a start, I’d say…its encouraging!

To be fair, as always, I want to see results straight away so this is too early to say if it has helped how quick I can run. If anything, hill sprints get a good cover image so thats the most important thing isn’t it?