Just getting out and running.

I didn’t plan on running today, it just happened. In a stark dichotomy to yesterdays weather, I was faced with a light drizzle, a grey sky and a horrible headwind. Sweet.

Again, the Rich Roll podcast got me through the run. This episode was a really interesting conversation with Melanie Joy, a psychologist who coined the term ‘carnism’. That is, the belief system that most of us subconsciously adhere to.
Carnism is the series of proccesses our society uses to reenforce and justify our meat-eating habits. We eat certain animals, say pigs, or chickens, whilst we domesticate others. By reducing the individuality of each livestock animal it allows us to consume its meat on an industrial process. We do not believe that each animal has a distinctly different behaviour or personality. Yet humans are good at abstraction. We are able to celebrate the percieved distinct nuances between each species of dog. Alot of time and money is invested by social insttitutions to uphold such norms.
All humans are capable of, and often self-congratulate their empathy. But why we compartmentalise that emotion to particular animals is of particular interest for Joy.

This is why podcasts are better for running! These thoughts spin round in your head, and although I am far from a vegetarian, I find the psychology behind our meat consumption fascinating.

Anyway, the run was sweet! A few stitches later, and after being passed at the toughest climb by my Dad in the car….(cheers), it was done. The best part for me is the second wind I get about 1k from home, I source an extra bit of fuel to step up the pace.

Today I’ve also signed up for an off-road 10k in September. My goal is to stick under 45m – which is quite conservative (I may alter that target) but I have heard its a gruelling route. But, the race is the most ‘eco-friendly’ in the UK as it discourages driving to the race and on completion you receieve locally grown carrots and apples….happy days????

Also get involved with me on Strava which I will be using for tracking from now on: Nathan Wilgoss.

Nice one.