I didn’t want to do this.

Any runner knows the value of a good shoe. Their companion, and sole-mate.

My first pair of running shoes were an early form of the Nike Free Runs back in 2011. When I dusted them down to begin training for my Half Marathon, they accentuated my shin splints. Back in the wardrobe they went.

I turned to a comparatively fresh pair of Blue Roshe Runs for a test. I never saw them as running shoes (idiot) as I always wore them with jeans/shorts in the summer. I thought I’d see if Nike added ‘Run’ to any of their shoes for a laugh.

Now these slowly but surely moulded to the exact shape of my foot, making them unbelievably comfortable. Turned out Mr Nike does one or two things right. The thin inner-soul often detached from the Roshe’s as soon as I took them off, but they adapted and tailored towards my running style. Over the course of a few months it begun to feel as if they were merely an extension of my skeletal structure. Happy days.


Now being a broke student I became immune to the visible damage that I gradually to see when I looked down everyday at my feet. I was in denial.

The incremental deterioration of my shoes was like a parent witnessing the downfall of their child. First, my big toe on the left begun to be prominent. The sole then started to wear away from the fabric. Then, my toe fully started to say hello whenever I ran. Finally, the last blow was struck by the complete separation of sole to fabric.


I bit the bullet and eventually replaced them today. Like a younger sibling being born and steeling the parental limelight, along came the Nike Dual Fusion 2.0.

Next time I do want to have a go at Gait Analysis to see how my running style would gear toward a particular shape of shoe.  Is it a gimmick? I welcome more experienced views on whether or not Gait Analysis is a benefit for choosing new trainers.

Yet to run in the new purchase but they are real comfortable! Completely different shape and feel to my trusty Roshe’s so I’m skeptical about their first spin. They also feel significantly heavier than the extremely light Roshe’s so I could be affected in that sense. But all good things must come to an end, and better shoes equals faster running, doesn’t it?

Plus they look sweet.

*Pray for No Shin Splints*