In order to deviate away from the current trajectory of this site towards becoming a ‘runnerblog’, I want to talk about some recent thoughts I’ve had.

During a run.

I am unsure where I read about the ‘ten-minute rule’, but it certainly came into play this morning. The mental rule stipulates that if you are feeling particularly bad before a run, give yourself a ten-minute marker at the beginning, if you feel worse, follow a route home. Should you feel better, leg your legs take you away!

Thankfully, I passed the ten-minute marker feeling a world away from before the run. Happy days.

This propelled me into an undulating 12k in my new Nike Dual Fusion 2.0’s.

8.02/mile is a bit slow – blame it on the curry

It is during an extended period of activity where some of my most profound, or meaningful thoughts occur to me. Running creates a portion of your day where it is simply you vs you, working towards a goal, often as a part of a longer term strategy or vision. It is a window of opportunity for you to improve physically and mentally.

Listening to another Rich Roll podcast, I was able to mask the lactic build up on my legs as I traversed up a handful of steep inclines. The content was, as always, engrossing. Rich interviewed Jedidiah Jenkins. A remarkable individual, Jedidiah cycled from Oregon to Patagonia, he was also partly responsible for the ‘Make Kony Famous’ movement back in 2012, a resounding internet phenomenon par excellence.

For three years in his late 20’s, Jedidiah planned his bike journey, eventually quitting his job aged 30. Amongst many other things, Jedidiah speaks about how necessary naivety is. In a certain way, the more aware we are about the world around us, the more we analyse the risks we face when making decisions. He also believes that overcoming the obstacles in the way of our goals is the universe’s way of delivering a lesson. Jedidiah is a huge advocate of not being risk averse.

This struck a powerful chord with me as I have recently taken a significant decision which is undoubtedly a risk. It reminded me of two key strands of thought that I have tried to keep at the forefront of my mentality during the process:

  1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. The more I think about it, the more comfort is overrated. When do you improve in times of comfort? Learning stems from periods of uncertainty, precisely discomfort.
  2. If it doesn’t scare you, you’re not aiming high enough. There never will be a right time to take a leap of faith, you never will be ready. Treat every opportunity as a learning curve.

Shit, deep thoughts for a 12k. Anyway, I recommend, the Rich Roll podcast to ANYONE.

G e t // i n v o l v e d. It’s free, it’s value adding and you do have time.