Never have we spoken so little about a prevailing issue.

Today I want to analyse, or even relay, three key news stories regarding the state of our climate which has cultivated some media attention this week.

Global warming is an issue I care deeply about. That sentence should not need to be stated. By default, as humans, it is our responsibility to care about the natural resources we have been so generously handed by mother nature. If someone describes themselves as an ‘environmentalist’ they are describing their passion for preserving of the planet. Is it not ironic that we require a specific label for people who care about their home? We don’t call those who tirelessly tend to the upkeep or their house as ‘housists’ do we?

Even if I am able to get the message out to one person, I feel that awareness is one step closer to change. Here are the three stories that EVERYONE should at least be interested in!

1. July Was The Hottest Month On Earth’s Records


July 2016 has been certified by NASA as the warmest month since records began in 1880. It was decisively proven that the month was 0.84C hotter than the records for 1950-1980.

Global warming does not distribute its calamitous effects evenly. Kuwait recently recorded the hottest temperature on Earth at a searing 52C. We may see countries less wealthy than Kuwait suffer from the adverse conditions and societal pressure that rising temperatures inflict.

I feel this information is overlooked, disregarded, and easily forgotten. The evidence is insurmountable. Ignorance to global warming is no longer a valid excuse.

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2. An Australian Senator Challenged Brian Cox On The Existence Of Global Warming…Live On TV!


In a video which has, for good reason, gone viral, Malcolm Roberts purported the view that climate change statistics have been ‘corrupted’ by NASA. Holding what is a simple linear progression of the increasing temperature of the earth since the industrial revolution, Cox was bewildered at the sheer stupidity of Roberts, who is set to become a Senator in the Australian upper chamber.

It truly is comical how we continue to give  platforms with extensive reach to those who challenge the unequivocal evidence against the issues we face. At every opportunity we need to identify and question the agenda that a group, or individual is furthering. What is their motive? Cox must have known that Roberts is of course, a Coal Mining Manager, with serious clout in the industry. That link between harmful business and climate change denial is one of the most powerful, yet toxic. It is a pervasive force which allows people like Roberts to attain a sizeable amount of influence, leaving the most qualified of scientists such as Cox, dumbfounded.

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3. The World’s Biggest Wind Farm Has Been Approved!


On a more positive news story to finish, the offshore Wind Farm called Hornsea Project Two will see 300 gigantic turbines built off the coast of Grimsby, UK. Bankrolled by Danish renewable energy firm Dong Energy, the project is set to deliver electricity to 1.8 UK homes.

Did you know this?

This is a significant advancement in the move away from fossil fuels. For our growing population we must divest away from harmful energy conversion methods into progressive, inventive ways to power our lives.  Additionally, I believe the Wind Farm is an aesthetic masterpiece!

Environmental improvements are as overlooked as the environmental issues today. We should celebrate and investigate stories like this further, to offer support for projects which will undoubtedly help to create a more sustainable future for our planet.

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These three stories are just three of the key issues that have been in the news this week. If this has alerted just one person then I see this post as a success so leave a like if you feel in anyway this has helped!

Information // awareness // education are all crucial.